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Mushy Peas – A Revelation + 6/1 Food Diary

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Mushy peas. Not the most attractive of foods.


And peas are not the most exciting food. But mushy peas, with fish and chips, in London, are the bomb. I’m sure they are coated in butter and salt, but THEY TASTE DELICIOUS.

Breakfast: Two small slices of wholemeal bread with almond butter and a banana [swell]

Lunch: Two vegetarian sushi rolls [good]

Dinner: Fish soup; fish and chips with the aforementioned peas! [Obviously not the best dishes but freaking delicious and I left some on my plate]

Tomorrow’s agenda?







Sugar Baby

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So I think a lot of my food problems have come from the consumption of too much sugar. Basically once I ‘pop’, I can’t stop. I have been reading Tina‘s blog and her attempts to cut out sugar for some inspiration. Starting the day with a green tea instead of my usual coffee with one sugar has helped already. Today I did not get any sugar cravings until about 3pm.

Food Diary:

Breakfast: Slice of wholemeal toast with almond butter (DELICIOUS), small orange, some strawberries and a green tea.

Lunch: Small skim flat white, cup of lentil soup, strange strawberry bar thing, bag of Food Doctor seeds.

Dinner: Chilli con carne with a small portion of white rice.

Snacks: Low calorie hot chocolate after dinner –> These are an absolute winner. Taste amazing and about 30 calories each. Need them back in Aus!!


In other news, today when I turned on my MacBook, all my Pages documents were gone. Kaput. And my trash bin has been emptied? I have no idea what has gone on but am concerned. A year’s worth of Uni work, plus a ton of other things that I probably don’t need but don’t want to lose. Will take to the shop tomorrow I suppose.



2/1 Food Diary

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Breakfast: Banana; handful of strawberries with a raspberry yoghurt

Snack: Muesli bar

Lunch: Chicken salad and a low-cal iced coffee from Starbucks

Snack: Muesli bar (!!)

Dinner: Grilled pork fillets, steamed vegetables

– It was an ok food day. I wouldn’t normally eat muesli bars but I was cruising around London and found a Whole Foods. I have heard so much about this store and just had to go in.

It was good but very expensive. But I found some almond butter for only a few pounds that I am excited to try.

I love the adventure of exploring a new city, London especially. It’s such a great city to discover by foot. Despite being from Sydney, I think I am truly a winter girl…there’s nothing better than curling up with a coffee after braving the cold and the shops!!



1/1 – Food Diary

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Today was my sister’s birthday so it was not a perfect day of eating, but I’m cool with it. I don’t want to be obsessive!!

Breakfast: Skim flat white; egg on multigrain toast

Lunch: Roast chicken salad from Subway (btw, these are really good…)

Dinner: Steak and oven fries, salad.

Dessert: Small piece of birthday cake. Another coffee.

I’m happy with this, should have had more water though. I’m in cold weather at the moment, and always forget about drinking water until I wake up in the middle of the night thirsty. Stupid.

Heading to Spitalfields Markets tomorrow, heard some great things!! Must remember money saving goals!!