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Backwards + Obstacles Part 1

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Today, I ate horribly. Ridiculously. Without being remotely hungry. Or even unhappy. And this I cannot explain. My brain tells me that I must be missing something in my life to act so irresponsibly. But I don’t think I am. I truly just like the taste of food. And that, I suppose, is the solution – get that satisfaction from somewhere else…but hopefully not shopping! I feel like I sound like an emotional wreck when I write this, but I really don’t feel that way. I am a happy person…but there is obviously something going on. Sorry for such a debbie-downer post!

Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to identify the obstacles that are preventing me from reaching my goals. It appeals to my maths brain – see problem, apply formula, and solve…well hopefully.

  • Taste: I simply find consuming food an enjoyable experience. Taste appeals to me, and I like almost all foods. To overcome this, I think that limiting my sugar throughout the day would have a drastic impact. When I have the taste of sugar, I can never seem to kill the craving and it plagues me all day (like an evil voice in my head!)
  • Social aspect: Catching up with friends almost always involves coffee, which seems to inevitably lead to cake! I would say that I should suggest catching up for a walk instead…but really, its not the same! Maybe I should just avoid the cake!
  • …which leads me to the notion of willpower, something I lack. Very much. Not sure how to improve this one…just some self-control!!

I have a stack more potential obstacles that Ill go through tomorrow 🙂