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Wasting Time

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I am the worst person in the world when it comes to procrastinating. I put off doing any Uni work until the very last moment, invariably making myself a million times more stressed than I should be. When I do get around to doing it, it is most likely while I am watching TV, lurking on facebook/twitter and maybe even eating dinner.

Right now though I am just having a huge laugh at some of the funniest websites I have seen for while.


Some Things

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Since my last post things have changed quite a bit. I am currently living all by myself, which is 98% amazing. The other 2% is trying to control my weight without having anyone judge, and let me accountable. But I’m doing ok so far. There is literally nothing remotely  unhealthy in my pantry! Not to say I didn’t have an iced chocolate at Gloria Jeans today….Shh!

Whilst I haven’t been blogging recently, I have most definitely been reading. I have made a concerted effort so far to be overall more productive in every aspect of my life in 2011. I think that blogging can definitely become a part of this… even if I am talking to myself, its nice to get thoughts out of my head. Especially in regard to weight issues. But thats boring, so hopefully I will have some more interesting things to talk about. I even bore myself with that.


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I did it. Bit the bullet and signed up for the 12 Week Body Transformation by Michelle Bridges. I love her on the Biggest Loser, and am hoping that by agreeing to pay $20 a week for the next 12 weeks, I will stay motivated and committed!

To be honest, I am not even really sure what the program will entail, but I understand that there will be a lot of online support. This is particularly important at the moment, because due to having just moved out of my house and into an apartment by myself, I am struggling with being completely in charge of my food intake. If I binge, there is nobody that I need to hide it from. I have my own space, and maybe even too much privacy.

Backwards + Obstacles Part 1

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Today, I ate horribly. Ridiculously. Without being remotely hungry. Or even unhappy. And this I cannot explain. My brain tells me that I must be missing something in my life to act so irresponsibly. But I don’t think I am. I truly just like the taste of food. And that, I suppose, is the solution – get that satisfaction from somewhere else…but hopefully not shopping! I feel like I sound like an emotional wreck when I write this, but I really don’t feel that way. I am a happy person…but there is obviously something going on. Sorry for such a debbie-downer post!

Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to identify the obstacles that are preventing me from reaching my goals. It appeals to my maths brain – see problem, apply formula, and solve…well hopefully.

  • Taste: I simply find consuming food an enjoyable experience. Taste appeals to me, and I like almost all foods. To overcome this, I think that limiting my sugar throughout the day would have a drastic impact. When I have the taste of sugar, I can never seem to kill the craving and it plagues me all day (like an evil voice in my head!)
  • Social aspect: Catching up with friends almost always involves coffee, which seems to inevitably lead to cake! I would say that I should suggest catching up for a walk instead…but really, its not the same! Maybe I should just avoid the cake!
  • …which leads me to the notion of willpower, something I lack. Very much. Not sure how to improve this one…just some self-control!!

I have a stack more potential obstacles that Ill go through tomorrow 🙂


Weekend Recap + Monday

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Hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty ok. I am still in London, for another week or so, and have been doing a lot of pondering this weekend over my future (I have a lot of decisions to make!) and hope to resolve all of my uncertainties as soon as possible.


Breakfast: Wholemeal bagel with ham and hummus. [Average. I’ve been told that bagels are ‘the food devil’. Bit ludicrous, but they are delicious]

Lunch: I was in Starbucks and grabbed an iced coffee with a chicken and pesto sandwich [no problems]

Dinner: Ah memory straining! Spaghetti bolognaise.

– Saturday was fine enough for my holiday diet (I’m not being particularly strict on myself while I’m on away…just trying to make sure I’m not eating ridiculously). Few snacks, some berries, mango and chocolate.


Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter, an orange [good]

Lunch: A pasty! [delicious]

Dinner: Salmon pasta

– Heaps of snacks on Sunday. Yoghurt, chocolate, cappuccinos


Brings us to today. Already have lots of eating out planned during my last week. Looking forward to it though, and just following Rachel’s philosophy: ‘don’t be ridiculous’. Today I had:

Breakfast: Plain bagel. Coffee. [Uh, yeah, not great]

Lunch: A bean wrap from M&S and an iced coffee. Later on some greek yoghurt. [Good]

Dinner: Lamb meatballs with steamed vegetables and roast potatoes [nice and balanced!]


So the last three days have been jam packed with tourist attractions:




See you tomorrow!



Jamie Oliver + Food Diary

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I kind of love Jamie Oliver. To me, he seems really genuine and his food looks amazing. Plus, I kind of adore his kids names. I had a very Jamie day today because I ended up at his ‘Recipease’ cafe in Clapham today. Only for a coffee, but it was the best one I have had so far in London (but most of the coffee here is hideous). Delicious.


And then tonight for dinner with a friend, she ended up making a meal from Jamie’s new 30 Minute Meals book. It was delicious, but definitely took more like an hour.


Anyway, here is today’s food diary:

Breakfast: One slice wholemeal toast with almond butter, one peach yoghurt [cool]

Lunch: Cup of soup, piece of toast with margarine [good]

Snacks: Mango slices, hot chocolate, cappuccino [fine]


Mushy Peas – A Revelation + 6/1 Food Diary

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Mushy peas. Not the most attractive of foods.


And peas are not the most exciting food. But mushy peas, with fish and chips, in London, are the bomb. I’m sure they are coated in butter and salt, but THEY TASTE DELICIOUS.

Breakfast: Two small slices of wholemeal bread with almond butter and a banana [swell]

Lunch: Two vegetarian sushi rolls [good]

Dinner: Fish soup; fish and chips with the aforementioned peas! [Obviously not the best dishes but freaking delicious and I left some on my plate]

Tomorrow’s agenda?