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My name is Allie and I am a 20 year old student finding my way through life. 2011 looks to be a big year for me, in terms of gaining independence through moving out, as well as hopefully some ‘soul-searching’ and decisions on which path to take in my life.

You could say that I a a typical Libran – completely indecisive, which does not bode well for making decisions about the future. I’m hoping that by documenting my life and exploring blogging I can make some progress.

Another area I hope to develop in 2011 is my fitness! Whilst I was quite fit and sporty throughout my teens, the heavy workload of the end of high school and then Uni has meant that I have gained about 10kg without making significant dietary changes. I am going to change this and lose the weight by compiling a food diary, which I will sometimes publish here on the blog. However, I am conscious of not becoming obsessive and am determined to lose the weight in a healthy way. Plus, I don’t want ‘Where Am I’ to become boxed into the healthy living category and I would like to explore many more aspects of everything and anything.

My current body shape….

Other useless facts about me?

I am a nail-polish addict and no colour is too bright for me.
If I don’t set an alarm in the morning, I will sleep forever
I am a terrible, terrible spender
I adore iced coffee (even in freezing temperatures)
I am terrible at maintaining contact with friends when not face-to-face.
I officially have the travel bug


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