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Since my last post things have changed quite a bit. I am currently living all by myself, which is 98% amazing. The other 2% is trying to control my weight without having anyone judge, and let me accountable. But I’m doing ok so far. There is literally nothing remotely  unhealthy in my pantry! Not to say I didn’t have an iced chocolate at Gloria Jeans today….Shh!

Whilst I haven’t been blogging recently, I have most definitely been reading. I have made a concerted effort so far to be overall more productive in every aspect of my life in 2011. I think that blogging can definitely become a part of this… even if I am talking to myself, its nice to get thoughts out of my head. Especially in regard to weight issues. But thats boring, so hopefully I will have some more interesting things to talk about. I even bore myself with that.


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  1. That’s awesome that your pantry is full of healthy stuff. Makes it so much easier to control what you eat when the unhealthy stuff isn’t available. But yeah, Gloria Jeans iced chocolates are AMAZING. I haven’t had one in so long, but you’ve just reminded me how good they are.


    PS – In reply to your question about my red nail polish – I actually use Rimmel! I think the shade in the photo is called “Pop!”. I’ve had a fair bit of luck with the cheapies, especially Rimmel and Australis. Sometimes I put a top coat on to make it last longer. I’m too much of a tight arse to buy the more expensive brands 🙂


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