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Weekend Recap + Monday

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Hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty ok. I am still in London, for another week or so, and have been doing a lot of pondering this weekend over my future (I have a lot of decisions to make!) and hope to resolve all of my uncertainties as soon as possible.


Breakfast: Wholemeal bagel with ham and hummus. [Average. I’ve been told that bagels are ‘the food devil’. Bit ludicrous, but they are delicious]

Lunch: I was in Starbucks and grabbed an iced coffee with a chicken and pesto sandwich [no problems]

Dinner: Ah memory straining! Spaghetti bolognaise.

– Saturday was fine enough for my holiday diet (I’m not being particularly strict on myself while I’m on away…just trying to make sure I’m not eating ridiculously). Few snacks, some berries, mango and chocolate.


Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter, an orange [good]

Lunch: A pasty! [delicious]

Dinner: Salmon pasta

– Heaps of snacks on Sunday. Yoghurt, chocolate, cappuccinos


Brings us to today. Already have lots of eating out planned during my last week. Looking forward to it though, and just following Rachel’s philosophy: ‘don’t be ridiculous’. Today I had:

Breakfast: Plain bagel. Coffee. [Uh, yeah, not great]

Lunch: A bean wrap from M&S and an iced coffee. Later on some greek yoghurt. [Good]

Dinner: Lamb meatballs with steamed vegetables and roast potatoes [nice and balanced!]


So the last three days have been jam packed with tourist attractions:




See you tomorrow!




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