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So I think a lot of my food problems have come from the consumption of too much sugar. Basically once I ‘pop’, I can’t stop. I have been reading Tina‘s blog and her attempts to cut out sugar for some inspiration. Starting the day with a green tea instead of my usual coffee with one sugar has helped already. Today I did not get any sugar cravings until about 3pm.

Food Diary:

Breakfast: Slice of wholemeal toast with almond butter (DELICIOUS), small orange, some strawberries and a green tea.

Lunch: Small skim flat white, cup of lentil soup, strange strawberry bar thing, bag of Food Doctor seeds.

Dinner: Chilli con carne with a small portion of white rice.

Snacks: Low calorie hot chocolate after dinner –> These are an absolute winner. Taste amazing and about 30 calories each. Need them back in Aus!!


In other news, today when I turned on my MacBook, all my Pages documents were gone. Kaput. And my trash bin has been emptied? I have no idea what has gone on but am concerned. A year’s worth of Uni work, plus a ton of other things that I probably don’t need but don’t want to lose. Will take to the shop tomorrow I suppose.




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  1. Eek! Good luck recovering your documents from your Macbook! 🙂


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