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New Years Resolutions (Potentially Crazily Ambitious Ones…)

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Every NYE I inevitably come up with a series of overly ambitious resolutions to transform me and my life into my version of perfection.

Every January 20th, I forget what they were.

This year – no different. Resolutions are infectious. And exciting! And what if they do actually work!?

So, in the hope of having an little bit of success this year, (I am an eternal optimist!) my 2011 goals will be reassessed every month and broken into much smaller goals to keep me on track. Well, thats the plan.

Here we go.

  • HEALTH: I would like to lose 15 kilos over the course of the year. Yikes. To achieve this I am going to go to the gym at least three times a week (how cliche…I know). Up the water intake, and just be overall more balanced. I would love to make sure at least one of my gym sessions is a BodyPump class because I have had huge success with these in the past.
  • FINANCE: I want to repay the $1600 of my savings that I depleted whilst travelling this year that I really should not have touched. Also, I would like a $500 ‘buffer’ in my bank account. This will be hard because I am a student, a semi-compulsive shopper, hoping to move out and planning a huge trip for the end of the year again. Er…going to need a lot of shifts.
  • UNI: I sort of cruised through school, achieving high HSC marks with minimal effort. Uni, however, is a a different ball game, as my first year has taught me. Lesson learned: macroeconomics cannot be learned the week before an exam. Also contributing to my underwhelming performance is not loving my course. This year, I would love to finally establish what I would like to do with my life. It is important that I do well in my current course so that I am able to switch to another once I decide. (Hopefully ASAP)!

Ok. Pretty standard resolutions. Tomorrow I will create more specific January goals to help me get there.



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