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4/1 Food Diary

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I was so lazy today!! I stayed awake until about 2am reading blogs and wasting time, and so I didn’t wake up until 11am. Add to the equation the fact that London gets dark at 4pm and the day is pretty much gone!! Definitely going to set an alarm for the morning.

Breakfast: White bagel with almond butter; green tea [should not have used bagel…wholemeal bread a better choice]

Lunch: Small soy cappuccino, veggie sticks with hummus, whole punnet of blueberries, packet of Food Doctor seeds [not bad, eaten over the course of a couple of hours]

Dinner: Chicken breast with small portion of rice and some stir-fried vegetables [good I think]

Extras: Two Lindt balls after dinner; hot chocolate, sachet.

I need to get to bed so that tomorrow I can get cracking and visit this:



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  1. I get sucked into reading blogs too easily too. Actually that’s about what is going on right now. LOL


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